Did you know sewer drain failure is the same as heart failure?

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Did you know sewer drain failure is the same as heart failure

Have you ever wondered what happens when you flush the toilet? Apart from the gurgling sound you hear, what else happens and how does the system work? The answer is simple and hard at the same time. It works the same way as your heart. This is why heart failure is the same as sewer drain failure.

How are these two connected?

Heart failure
Heart failure occurs when your heart can’t pump blood as it is supposed to. The body has its own system and the heart is responsible for the supply of oxygenated blood to all the organs. When heart failure happens, the heart muscles become weak and the blood vessels or the arteries constrict. They restrict sufficient blood flow to the body and the result is heart failure. The heart is overwhelmed and it gives up.

Heart failure has no cure as we speak and the same applies when your sewer drain fails. If you note the signs and symptoms of sewer failure early enough, something can be done to cure the symptoms the same as heart failure. The main concern is knowing the cause of sewer drain failure.

Same as the heart, the toilet has drainage pipes which are the blood vessels. If the drainage pipes are blocked or partially blocked, this causes disruption in the plumbing system. Just like heart failure, the toilet has to work extra hard to try and pump all the water out efficiently when you flush the toilet. When this continues for long, the toilet might fail.

How to avoid complete failure of the sewer system

Before the system fails, you get to notice symptoms. The most common being sewage blockages and backups. If there is a blockage somewhere in the sewer line, blockage occurs. If you notice there is backup when you flush the toilet, you need to get the line checked for blockages before it becomes irreversible.

If you notice any symptoms of sewer failure, get Aquasetic Plumbing and Drains check it out. Let’s come out and check on the condition of your toilet (heart) and check on the heart rate plus what could be causing problems. A camera inspection of your sewer line is done to identify the blockage if any and other problems with the system. Let’s examine the exact conditions of your blood vessels which is the sewer line and the entire drainage system right to the septic before it fails completely.

With a sewer system, you need to get the pipes checked and maintained regularly. Same way you have to stay healthy and go for checkups to avoid heart failure. Before heart failure occurs, the heart is overworked and eventually, the partially blocked vessels restrict blood flow to the other parts of the body leading to heart failure.

Allow us to do a camera inspection of your drainage pipes and clean the adequately before “heart failure” occurs. A clean and efficient sewer system is the heart of your home’s drainage system. Let Aquasetic Plumbing and Drains do a routine checkup on it and stay stress-free in your home